6 Items You Wouldn’t Miss In Australian Adult Shops

Going to as far back as the 1970’s, adult shops in Australia were few and far between but fast forward to 2017 and the stats make very impressive reading for the sex industry. Sydney and Perth have more than 70 and 40 adult shops respectively in their metropolitan regions which is remarkable which shows that people’s attitude towards sex has changed from the 1970’s.

Anyone who is looking to try new things and explore their sexuality even more can visit their local adult shop and purchase a few toys to spice up their love life. People used to be shy to walk into adult shop because they fears what people might think about them. These days, people walk into them the same way they walk into their local supermarkets. Although adult shops in Australia have a wide range of novelties and sex toys to choose from this article will highlight 6 items you wouldn’t miss in Australian adult shops.

  1. Dildos

This is first on the list because it is one of the most iconic sex toys found in any adult shop across the world. This toy is a favorite among women who can use for sexual activities on their own during masturbation or with a lover. Sexual penetration is the main reason why this toy is very popular and it is an item you would expect to see when you walk into an adult sex shop in Australia. 

  1. Vibrators 

The vibrator is also another item that can be seen just as much as the dildo in adult stores especially in Australia. Also a favorite for women, this item makes it easy for them to reach orgasm. Vibrators come in different shapes and sizes designed to give different levels of pleasure and that is why adult shops always have them in their store. Walking into an adult store and not seeing a vibrator would be a shock due to its popularity.

  1. Hand cuffs 

Handcuffs are a very interesting way to spice up a sex life and they can be found on display in sex shops. Both sexes love this toy because there are many ways to use them during sex and one of them is what is known as “look but don’t touch”. This is where a woman for example can handcuff her lover to a bed or a wall and perform a strip tease in lingerie. This is very exciting for the man and being in a position where he can look but not touch makes me feel aroused and appreciate the woman he has in front of him.

  1. Anal plug 

Similar in some way to the dildo but just slightly shorter, the anal plug is an adult toy which sex partner insert in their rectum for pleasure. Due to its size, this item has a flanged end to stop it from being lost in the anus.

  1. Vibrating penis rings 

This is a toy for the men and can be found in many adult shops across Australia. Vibrating penis rings are designed to fit around the man’s penis and vibrate to give maximum pleasure. Much like the dildo the rings comes in different sizes, colors and shapes for different pleasures and feelings.

  1. Paddle

Last on this list of items you wouldn’t miss in an Australian adult store is the paddle and this is an item many couples use to spank one another on the backside for pleasure. Sex is meant to be pleasurable not painful and it is important to be gentle when using a paddle to spank a sexual partners as being very rough can result to soreness and pain. 


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