Be careful about how you to plan to indulge in the erotic happy ending massage

Happy ending massage is no less erotic than massages like Nuru or soapy. This also incorporates a huge amount of pleasure and affection between two parties. Just lie soapy massage, this massage therapy is also pretty much endangered, but there are still some illegitimate therapy centres and spas which provide you with this massage. As the name suggests, this massage therapy has a happy ending. Bangkok is again one of the most happening places where you will get to experience some of the best massage therapies of this genre.

About happy ending massage

As mentioned earlier, this massage therapy is equally sensuous and erotic. You generally begin with a bath where your nude masseuse accompanies you in the washroom. This togetherness then shifts from the bathroom to the bed or mattress. This is the place where the rest of the drama unfolds. This drama finally ends with a happy ending and therefore, this name happy ending massage is given.

This is generally a bird’s eye view of what it actually incorporates. But someone who has actually involved himself in this particular therapy is aware of the fact that it is almost a roller coaster ride of emotions and unfulfilled pleasures and satisfactions. The name in itself is pretty much intriguing and exciting.

What happens in happy ending massage?

A happy ending massage ends with a sexual contact between the customer and the masseuse. It ends with sexual contact and orgasm facilitated with hand-job mainly. You will be able to figure out whether a happy ending is on the menu list of the spa or not from its name itself. The ladies here generally wear high heels. They start with a back massage which is followed by a hand job without you even knowing about it when you flip over. The happy ending spas or parlours are often an illegitimate business and a front for human trafficking and prostitution.

Illegitimate business

The massage parlours are often raided and brought down by the police, and you should be extremely aware of this particular fact if you don’t want to feature in the headlines of leading newspapers. You must clearly step on the pedal if you badly want to indulge in this kind of massage. Even in places like America, it is illegal and also in any sort of legitimate massage parlours.  

It is advisable that you do not ask your masseuse during any other massage therapies to indulge in happy ending massage because that might result in the awkward ending of the therapy.


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