How Far Is ‘Too Far’ On A Stag Party?

As you should now, nowadays there are so many different ways to prepare a stag party or a hen party. They go from a simple night to talk with your friends to a ‘’hangover’’ situation. Of course, there should be some limits for these parties, since at the end of the day there is a person who’s engaged and it must be a respect to his/hers fiancé o fiancée. Have you ever thought how far is ‘too far’ on a stag party?

Ways To Know How Far Is ‘Too Far’ On A Stag Party

Believe or not, there are many signs that tell you you’re not doing well on your stag party and here we will show which are.

According to opinions of people who already passed thru this, these are the things you should be careful of when you’re on your stag party.

  • When The Drunkenness Is Coming: In the middle of the party you may can get so happy that you just forget how much you are drinking. In these cases there is always that good friend that takes care of you, but still you must watch out.
  • When You Are Already Drunk: You didn’t repair on how much you were drinking and it’s too late to go back. But don’t worry; you still have that good friend, right?
  • When That Good Friend Gets Drunk: This is a really important signal that you should put attention on. This is a clear indication that the party is getting out of control. What are going to do?
  • Visiting Strip Clubs: This is something pretty common on bachelor parties. This doesn’t mean that is not a good idea. This is usually the principal fact of stag’s parties that goes too far. Well, some of your friends can think about escort service – it is all up to you.
  • Hire Strippers Or Prostitutes? : It is one thing to go to the strip club, but it is quite another to go beyond what was planned. The hire of a stripper or prostitutes is for sure going too far on a stag party. In the most of the cases the hire of strippers or prostitutes ends really wrong at least the 95% of the time, being a cause of cheating and infidelity.
  • When The Crazy Friend Becomes The Voice Of The Reason: There’s always that friend who encourages you to continue the party no matters what. Then, you should have for sure that everything is lost when is that friend, the one who tries to stop the social gathering.

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