How to Recognize You Are the Salty One in Your Relationship

If you are usually wondering why your partner does not get mad as much as you do, or why is it so much easier for you to lose your temper, you might be a bit salty. There are several signs that might help you recognize you are the salty one in your relationship and hopefully, by identifying you will be able to work your character out so your partner does not have to always try and figure out what they did wrong.

Ask yourself this: “When I get angry am I the kind of person who overloads my significant other’s social media with calls for attention?” if the answer is yes, beware. If every time you get upset you partner’s phone screen is filled with missed calls, private messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter mentions and even the text messages almost nobody uses now, you could be the salty one. Stop and tell yourself that is better to wait until you cool off to try and reach the other person, avoid any type of fights and/or discussions with your loved one. If you cheat your partner (for example using escort service) be sure you are the weak eye on the chain.

You think people are mind readers. If we were, everyone would probably win the lottery. So, don’t expect your partner to know every time you get offended and the reason behind it, instead, talk to them! If you are offended by something they did, tell them what is happening and what they can do to fix it, or if you need some time to cool off, but don’t get extra offended because they don’t know why you’re offended, it’s just a vicious circle.

Do you turn your problems into an egg hunt by telling your partner that they need to “find out how they messed up”? Well, this sentence will definitely help you recognize you are the salty one in your relationship. Other people just talk and point out the situation, instead of playing guess games.

You are the Passive-aggressiveness master. This is accompanied also by the fact that they have to constantly read between the lines with you. This behavior needs to stop. Not a lot of people appreciate having a date or sharing a house with someone whose favorite communication forms are sarcasm, rhetoric and backhanded compliments.

Your vocabulary towards your SO changes every time you get upset. The affectionate words disappear from your language and you answer calls and texts with monosyllable words like “ok”, “yes”, and “no” or most likely, a single emoji. Let’s not forget the move of choice, deleting and blocking your partner from all of your social media profiles just to accept them back again as soon as you manage to solve the problem.

If you were able to the salty one with these signs, congratulations. The next step is to turn it down a notch and wait until you cool off to talk things. Good luck!


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