Trends and Technologies in the Sex Toy Industry

The sex toy industry has quite the history. It is said that Cleopatra created the first vibrator and that it was made from a gourd that was filled with bees. Centuries after Cleopatra, the Chinese made dildos from bronze, wood, and stone. Everyone was always looking for a way to meet sexual needs without the need for another person. The search for solo satisfaction continued into the Industrial Revolution, when the electric vibrator was invented to treat women suffering from “hysteria.” The vibrator was important because physicians were treating “hysteria” through manual stimulation, which was causing strain in their hands, wrists, and arms.

Every device was built with the technology and materials that were available at that time. As technology advanced, the sex toy industry capitalized. Now, you will find many types of devices that can stimulate in different ways, which is why many people have sex toy collections hiding in their sock drawers. For the first timer or the enthusiast, there are toys out there with amazing technologies behind them.

Virtual Reality Sex Toys

It is fair to say that the first virtual reality sex toy was the Fleshlight and other similar devices. It was made to give a realistic experience through masturbation. This isn’t where virtual reality in the sex toy industry stopped. The industry has gone as far as creating a suit that gives the illusion of intercourse. The suit includes a headset similar to the Oculus Rift, which delivers visuals directly to the eyes. The bodysuit has sensors attached that give the wearer a realistic sensation. To give users a more realistic sensation, there is an addition that feels like breasts.

The eJaculator is avirtual reality device that is similar to the original Fleshlight. The primary difference is that it is programmed to make the user feel the thrust of a porn star, and it involves a virtual reality helmet for visual aid. The components involve an app that can be downloaded on a smartphone, a virtual reality helmet, a wireless remote control, and a masturbation sleeve. It has everything needed to make the experience feel realistic. Nonetheless, this isn’t the only device out there like it. Other companies have created very similar devices. The BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation device is one, and the Fleshlight vStroker is another.

Sex Robots

Sex robots are also hitting the market. VirtuaDolls couldn’t keep up with orders, so itpulled therobots off the market. This is another type of virtual reality experience because the users have to strap on a virtual reality helmet. They can then sleep with simulated women while being pleasured by a device that is responsive to what is happening on the screen.

So many men preordered their VirtuaDoll that the project had to be put on hold. This doesn’t mean the end of the world for those seeking a realistic experience with a robot. There is a sex robot that has been created by Realdoll named Harmony, and she can offer an emotional connection with her human. She’s actually the first true sex robot to go on sale that isn’t just something like a dildo connected to a battery-powered box or a vibrating sex doll. She is pure artificial intelligence that can fall in love with her human, depending on the selections made. She is capable of saying things that aren’t expected. Fortunately, she can be controlled through a smartphone app.

Harmony is just one of many sex robots that will be released on the market. These robots are being designed with fully functional genitalia to ensure an experience almost as close to the real thing.

Long-Distance Sex Toys

For couples who are apart, long-distance sex toys can keep things exciting. This means that you can be in one city, while your partner controls your dildo from another. Talk dirty to each other and stimulate one another without being in the same bed. It’s a pretty exciting experience, and these devices are becoming more intelligent. For instance, you could play back the moves of the last session you had with your partner. In other words, you can relive a very hot long-distance night.

Fun Trending Toys

The technological side of sex toys is a lot of fun, but there are some trending sex toys on the market that aren’t as technologically advanced. Take finger vibrators, for instance. They are simple, but they can be a lot of fun. Multi-speed vibrators are found hidden in many bedrooms around the world. So are masturbators and devices like sex swings.

Some companies are making it possible for women to carry around their sex toys. Crave, a company in San Francisco, has created a bullet vibrator that doubles as a necklace. This means that the ladies can take the fun on the go.

For women whohave had children, a device like the Trainer Toyfriend may be ideal. The exercise device makes the Kegel muscles stronger, resulting in better sex and even better bladder control. While not directly a sex toy, it is a silicone device that you wear so that the real thing gets better.

New Sex Shops Online

As for where you can get these wonderful toys, there are many new online sex shops waiting for you to check out theinventory. New shops are always popping up because of the demand for sex toys, such, which appeals to a Norwegian audience. is another where you can get sex toys for both men and women. There are also many toys for couples to have a lot of fun with. does the same for couples, providing a wide range of couples’ toys. However, this company also stays on top of some of the hottest trends in sex toys. This company doesn’t have anything in the virtual reality or robot realm, but it has a lot of vibrators.

Overall, the sex toy industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to grow. Much of the stigma that used to surround sex toys is starting to disappear. This means if you want to try something new, don’t be afraid to go for it. You can do it alone or do it with your partner and have a good time in the process.

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