Why men avoid the display of feelings on Russian dating sites

Generalizations is a hazardous approach to take when raising and researching the sensitive topic of our inner workings as human beings when we display them on Russian dating sites such as https://www.russian4bride.com. Complex issues never have simple and straightforward answers, there will always be glaring exceptions from rigid dating and relationship rules. It is true that at a certain point nearly every Russian woman experiences a bitter frustration with her dating partner. You can hear from her: “He is very withdrawn and insincere. He barely talks to me at all. I don’t know how to crack up this hardened shell.”

Does this lay of the land sound familiar? A great many relationships were hit below the waterline due to such complaints. It is true that resolving this issue requires finding a certain middle ground, an ample foundation on which to establish a viable and sustainable relationship.

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Any dependable Russian dating service out there is keen on giving a useful piece of advice regarding this issue. We have also launched a probe into it. For many hundreds of years males served as food and shelter providers for their women. They went hunting and they waged wars against each other. Such an aggressive and militant lifestyle affected their ability to verbalize their inner emotions. Even the need for such emotions was questionable – ancient men simply had no time for them because they were involved in a continuous and ruthless battle for survival.

These are not some artefact instincts, as some may think, these features are present in the modern day males on their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) level. A natural selection of sorts still goes on, and it begins at quite an early age. Reticence is valued more highly than chatting abilities among males even today. Many men embarking on their adventures on Russian dating sites don’t fully realize this.

Let’s cast a brief glance over some of the finer points of this pivotal issue.

  1. Western men and Russian women have a distinctly different thinking pattern during the dating stage. Women are mainly focused on the feelings a certain moment or a certain event (and, of course, a certain person) engenders in them. Men assess all this with a strength and competence ruler – they want to know how it strengthens or weakens their position in this life. It doesn’t mean that men reject feelings and emotions altogether, it is all about their inborn template of priorities. In this respect, tangible results are valued by men much higher than any emotional derivatives during dating.
  1. Difference in the approach to communication. Men and women have different communication needs and communication skills. It is widely known, for instance, that women are way more talkative than men, who are more evasive and like keeping their mouths shut when women just brim over with the communication excitement. When dating foreigners, especially when dating Russian or Ukrainian women, you will notice that this trait is rather universal and quite common in other cultures. The explanation is rather simple – men don’t want to talk about their problems, it may make them look weaker than the competitors.
  1. Boys play the games which are devoid of an emotional base. Girls play the games aimed at social interaction (dolls, family, tea parties and so forth). Boys entertain themselves with more active and more violent gaming scenarios, such as cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. Their games have no much room for all this sensual stuff, they are aimed at achieving specific, tangible results, often by defeating the opponent instead of interacting with him. It all translates into their reduced emotional awareness later on in their adult life.
  1. Men are eager to hide their weaknesses, whereas women use them for gaining advantage. There is a certain pecking order in every society, and it all begins on the childhood playground. The girls are always looking, and the boys are eager to demonstrate their manhood. It is crucial for men to hide their weaknesses if they plan to defeat their opponents. It is quite the opposite for women – any sign of weakness can only add more femininity and attraction.

Later on, when such a man grows up and begins dating a wonderful woman, she may be unpleasantly surprised by how inattentive he is to her most basic feelings and mundane emotional needs. But he is not coarse and he doesn’t mean anything bad by it – he is a man who is following the unwritten code of manhood.


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